Albert - Five in a Row Volume 4

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I haven't been posting a ton of our homeschooling stuff this year.  The main reason is that it takes a really (really) long time to upload all the images and describe every detail of our studies.  Also, I often forget to take photos as we are doing activities, and then forget what activities we even did or where I found them online or elsewhere...  so I'm not the best at blogging for homeschool, to be honest!

So, this year, I hope to share bits and pieces of our homeschooling in an easier way.  These will be snapshots of our studies or days and small captions with the photos.  Hope this works to still give a glimpse into homeschool life as well as provide some ideas/inspiration!

Be blessed and I hope you enjoy a peek at our first 'row' in Volume 4 of Five in a Row, Albert, by Jim LaMarche.

Main areas of study for Albert:

  • nests and nesting birds
  • Cardinals
  • embracing and enjoying nature
  • gentleness of heart
  • facing fears
  • whimsical tales
  • city living
  • maple trees and maple syrup
  • language arts: adjectives, descriptive sentences, list making, letter writing, symbolism
  • art: working with water colors and pencil crayons, sketching nature, sculpture
  • music: Vivaldi, the Four Seasons
  • drama: pantomime and miming
  • science: noise and decibels, the human body - joints

On a hunt for nests in the woods.

Bark rubbings.

Comparing leaves in our neighborhood.

On a hike, looking for cardinals and birds of all kinds.

Feeding the Chickadees.

Art project: using self-drying clay to make a cardinal and her eggs.

For our study of 'city living' we created a house out of two shoe boxes.

Some of the resources we used.

Our Lapbooks:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great resources. The bird and nest are adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Aw, I miss that boardwalk...and the birds!

  3. I love your post! Thanks for sharing your lessons and photos.

  4. So lovely and inspiring! ♥ I just read Albert this week to see where to place it in our year. Such a wonderful book! Excited more than ever to row it this spring!

    1. Thanks, all! Michelle, yes! This is what I thought - that it would have been better in Spring, but I just wanted to do it so badly that we made it work for Fall... and it did work out! You'll love rowing it and I'm sure you'll come up with some amazing ideas, as usual!


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