Christmas Is...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Blessed.  Beautiful. 
Bountiful.  But a Moment.

The Joy of Giving...

Painting fingers for our finger print snowmen Christmas balls...

Bow, bows, shiny and new...

    Blessed Times...

    All for and all from the Saviour.

    Molly cuddles with a sick baby girl... first Christmas with our pup...

    Simon's way of 'helping with the wrapping"... ha.

    "... family gathered 'round... the Christmas tree..."

    Warm moments, blessed by Grandmas...

    One goofy husband, please?  Check.  I love this man.

    "Mama, I want to be an artist when I grow up..." - Audrey

    "The thing I like best, is games."  - Simon

    "Ohhh... trains...."  - Alex

    Cherished moments with Grandpa.

    The moment I realized Great-Grandma is a pianist.

    Ice Cream Cones...

    "These people, I have not cherished enough, life is but a fleeting moment..."
    It's the moment you open a box and your heart leaps out of your chest. How?  Where?  How could this be!?  I shriek (very uncharacteristic of me) and gulp back tears.  My parents.  Leave it to my amazing parents.  They somehow got this beautiful, one of a kind keepsake sandstone box, made in Kenya.  They somehow were able to completely surprise me... I wish some one could have taken a photo of my face in that moment...

    We were at a Christmas craft show, I gazed at this piece for two days but couldn't spend the money on it... I simple pointed and mentioned how much I loved it. Later that day, I went to look at the small international ministry's table and it was gone. A lump formed in my stomach. I so wanted it. It represented to me a commitment - to Africa... to Uganda... to an answer to prayer... to a ministry. Lord, I will follow. Mom and Dad, you have no idea how special this is to me.

    Grandma's Pie... is there anything better?  No.

    He who has not Christmas in his heart
    will never find it under a tree. 
    ~Roy L. Smith

    Hoping your Christmas was full of warm memories...



    1. *I* want an art kit like that! LOL Super cool!

    2. What wonderful memories..
      Here from the Hop.


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